Lately, i've been feeling something strange inside of me. I feel like there's another me rather than the only me. This feels came out slowly showing it real identity without me even knowing it.

Two days ago, I feel different inside of me. I feel broke and useless without I don't know why. I suddenly cry while listening to some 'depression' music, it seems like my hearts know it. My hearts do feel the same way as the lyric of the music.

I suddenly distant myself from the one that I talked the most-from them who I share every of my daily day story and problems. I suddenly distant myself from them. I do feel strange with it. I seriously did not know what actually is happening with my own self.

When i'm alone, there's a feeling that tells me to do this, to do that. I feel broke, but I don't know the reason why. I feel like I was nothing-that my born in this world should not has happen at all.


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