Confession #1

People tell me
"I dont have any boyfriend"
When they're actually had a boyfriend but just break-up.
They said that, they feel broke, they feel empty without them.

But they never knew how much I feel all this time. How I feel when no one ever likes me.
No one tell me that they likes me. No one had a crush on me.

I never told them about it. Because I feel that it's not necessary for them to know.
They will not care about me.

I do broke. Broke too many times.
I keep it inside. the one that I loved are getting married soon. I'm sad, i'm hurt. But i can't do anything about it.
There's some time that I feel like I want to give up with my own feeling.
everything that happens in front of my eyes, is torturing me.
I want to live in my own dream. I hate to faced reality.
Because my reality is hurts.
Its hurts more than you've ever felt.



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