my crush will get married!


what a lazy day today, I just spend my whole day dengan tengok kdrama Boys Over Flowers, sekali dengan menghilangkan rasa gundah gulana dan sedih di hati ini apabila that crush that you like are getting married soon (after raya, maybe). this is why I really hate when my heart like someone, because that someone will end up getting married with other woman and NOT ME. Like whaaat?

started to think that i'm always going to be alone for the rest of my life kot? well, seriously rasa sedih sangat, guys i'm hurt kot! Bukan taknak doakan kebahagiaan dia,but still, I feel lost, I feel arghh tak boleh nak describe macam mana peraaan tu, and all I can say is, nothing.
nak ucap tahniah or selamat berbahagia dekat dia sekarang? Memang tak lah sekarang. someday maybe. Sekarang ni hati masih berduka lagi tau.

I hope, my heart, my brain will stop liking someone lah and do not ever put high expectation that someone will like you back. and just no, do not have any feelings like love feelings towards man, a guy.

sekian :)


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