What's wrong?

So, What's wrong in being SINGLE?
What's wrong if they dont have someone special in their life?
What's wrong if they dont have much attention in men's eye?

what's wrong with that people? what's wrong if they don't have a boyfriend/crush/lover to message,whatsApp,call,facetime all day night long?


sometimes they prefer to be alone rather than being with fake people.
they rather being without a lover who always cheats.

being single is better'
you dont have to think about :

'what he/she doing today'
'are they fine'
'have they eaten or not'
'omg did he/she cheats me?'

you dont have to, and the most important things is,
you dont have to take care of someone feelings at all
you just have to care on your self.

dont feel you are alone, dont feel you are not good enough to be someone lover
sometimes, being alone are better,
that is the way where you can, sit down and relax and think about something that you never ever will think if you're being someone lover. you can do anything you wanted to without have someone to said 'no you cant do this' 'no you cant do that' > except your moms

yes, of course and absolutely
being someone lover is like, you are in paradise, everything you did will reminds you of him
and you feel like your love are in the air,

i used to feel that too.

but if u are to eager to being in love, you might have gone to a wrong way in love.
just be true, dont be fool just because of someone you love.

Love is not about love towards your lover
but it is vice versa.



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