Marriage & Single

Everyone has their own life path, so do I and so do you who are reading my posts right now.
but some people had been through so many hardships in their life either they can went through it or not its depends on their own self.

In my problems, I have these kind of problem which is I cant heard people who talks about 'jodoh' in front of me. Its not because that I don't have someone in my life ; boyfriend.

I just feel that, i'm not into jodoh and I never think who will be my future husband, how many kids will I have, will I have a happy family or not. And I never think about my dream wedding!

I just wanted to be happy and enjoy my life right now while I still can. Why did you have to think about 'who's your future husband' while you can live happily with your own? I didnt want to think about my future family with kids. No, just no.

If you said that
'Oh arent you getting married one day'
'Wont you have a kids one day'

Yes of course I want it, but its not like I DO REALLY WANT TO GET MARRIED AND HAVE A KIDS. No.
I want to take care of my family, create a best moment with em before they gone and I dont care if I didnt get married one day a long as I have my own money, house, car, mom, dad. I dont care about marriage.

I have my own choice why did I didnt want to get married. Dont judge. Its my choice. And thats what I want.


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