hello dearies.

Hello dearies.

A very very good afternoon / evening to everyone. well today is the last day of my holiday, yeay not so yeay, i dont want to go back to my college TT
i dont want to face my tough life in that college with bunch of assignment and presentation that i really hate the most and of course going to class everyday i wish that all the classes will cancel.

and i think that today will be the last day  i will updates my blog, IM SO FUCKING SAD RIGHT NOW because in my college didnt have a good internet connection like the one in my house. so i will rarely open my blog and update and i cant blogwalking too.

so guys, how you guys doing? good? oh btw, happy chinese new year to all my chinese friends and my chinese family, xinnian kuaile, gongxi fa cai.
i hope everyone are doing good, and its raining heavily and windy here at my place and i guess thats all for today post. huhu bye


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